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Prayer Requests

The Shechen Monastery Prayer Request Service offers the opportunity to request prayers or special practices for you or for your friends or relatives who may be ill, experiencing difficulties, or who have died.

It is a Buddhist tradition to offer donations to monasteries and nunneries with requests to do specific prayers. These donations help to support the monks and nuns and brings spiritual benefit for the sponsor.Prayers are also done for removing obstacles and creating auspicious circumstances.

The prayers and practices are mostly performed at Shechen’s main monastery, Shechen Tennyi Dargyeling, in Boudhanath Nepal, or occasionally at other branches of Shechen (monasteries, nunnery, and retreat centres) in the Himalayan region.

By making an offering a spiritual connection is established between the person who is in need of prayers and those who are reciting the prayers on their behalf. The prayers will be performed especially for the purpose/person they are requested for.

For inquiries about prayer requests, or to request prayers please write to prayerrequest@shechen.org

Important Notice

For the next four months from November 23 until March 23, we will not be able to fulfill larger prayer requests. During that period, the monks from Shechen Monastery will be fully occupied with their year-end exams, the annual Nyingma Monlam in Bodhgaya, and the large drupchens held in Nepal before and after the Tibetan New Year.

Only smaller requests will be fulfilled during this period. The updated PDF lists the prayers that can be performed at that time (see link to PDF below). 

If your request is urgent or for specific dates, please inquire before you send in your donation to confirm if it will be possible to fulfill your request in time.

We will return to our normal schedule later in the spring of 2016. Thank you for your interest in requesting prayers from Shechen Monastery.

Please view the list of prayers and suggested donation amounts and then make your payment using the methods and contacts specified below. 

***Please indicate which prayers you want to sponsor and for whom. If the name of the prayer is not specified, prayers for auspiciousness will be recited. If a name is not specified, prayers will be recited for the name of the person who made the payment. Thank you.***

Donate by Credit Card or Pay Pal

By Bank Transfer

Please e-mail us when the transfer is sent. Please be sure to let us know which prayer you are sponsoring and for whom.
Nepal Investment Bank LTD. (NIB)
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Swift Code: NIBLNPKT
Account No: 00101010028564

For further information please email prayerrequest@shechen.org

Thank you.